At The Simple Home, our mission has been shaped by our founding philosophy — to help make senior living communities more beautiful, comfortable, and home-like for the residents who live there. We source home accessories for common areas, model apartments, and memory care activities for senior living companies and their interior designers. See our services to learn more about how we can help you!

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Amanda Nowak

Founder & Lead Designer

When I went to college for interior design I imagined I would eventually work as a residential designer. After two summers at an architecture firm where I worked on various healthcare projects (including a senior living campus), I realized my passion was to help make these often cold and sterile spaces beautiful and comfortable for those who used them. After college, I traveled the country working as an interior designer for a large senior living company. When working on renovations, I loved seeing the transformation of the residents when I was able to provide them with appropriate, comfortable furniture in arrangements that inspired interaction and activities (especially life stations in memory care communities!)

No day is the same for me. I’m often away from the office visiting communities or going to trade shows to find new products. When in the office I do what any owner does-a little bit of everything! Even though I travel extensively for The Simple Home, I do love to travel for pleasure. With both myself and The Tall Guy running businesses, precious time together is spent trying new restaurants and spending time at home with Murphy (our Director of Culture).


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Rachel Saeger

Design & Office Assistant

I joined The Simple Home team in September 2015 and have been functioning as the company’s Design & Office Assistant. I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts, and in the midst of my education stumbled into a caregiver position in a memory care community. After college, I continued to work in senior living as a caregiver as well as a Life Enrichment Coordinator, doing art related activities with residents. As a part of The Simple Home, I am able to utilize my background in art and design combined with experience in senior care to contribute to the specific nature of the company. Around the office, I attack a variety of tasks ranging from ordering, shipping and receiving, and helping during project installs. Outside of work, I love traveling, thrifting, decorating, designing, cooking, shooting film, and snuggling up with my boyfriend, pup, and turntable at the end of the day.




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Andrew Weins

Operations Manager

I joined The Simple Home team in October 2015 as the Operations Manager.  Since then, I have earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Management from Cardinal Stritch University. Prior to working for The Simple Home, I worked as an operations manager for a Fortune 500 company and an owner of a small business.  In addition to working for The Simple Home, I continue to serve in the United States Army Reserves as an Army Career Counselor, where over a 12-year career I have achieved the rank of Sergeant First Class. As a part of The Simple Home, I am able to utilize my background in operations, logistics, and process development to contribute to the operational development of the company. Around the office, I manage a variety of tasks ranging from ordering, inventory management, accounts payable/receivable, and customer service. Outside of work, I enjoy raising my two-year-old daughter, playing volleyball, and exploring new bars and restaurants.



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Murphy Nowak

Director of Culture

I have been a part of The Simple Home since the beginning when the first headquarters was in my house! I hang around the office part-time, and help remind the team (by purposeful nose-pokes) that it’s important to laugh and have fun in our day. You will often find me encouraging playtime and walks around the neighborhood. I am also the unofficial security system/doorbell when people visit the office (I take that job VERY seriously). In my free time, I like to play fetch, nap in the sun, and follow around my mom waiting for her to drop food.







1) Make a Difference

We are passionate about making a difference in someone’s life. Creating a lasting impact that transforms the lives of those we touch is what gives us purpose, direction, and fulfillment in our lives.

2) Show Compassion & Kindness

We are inspired by the power of compassion and kindness. It is through our selfless acts that we can change outcomes and make a difference in others’ lives.

3) Focus on Positive Experiences

We are motivated by our ability to create positive experiences. Our dedication to the quality of the services and products we offer is of the highest importance to us.

4) Pursue Progress that Matters

We believe that a constant pursuit of growth and learning is essential towards fulfilling our needs and advancing the company. Improving ourselves and how our business operates will give us the tools needed to make a difference in our world.