At The Simple Home, we provide efficient ways for senior living operators and their designers to make their communities beautiful and functional.

The Simple Home will work as an extension of your team by providing products to help you create a consistent, high-quality home environment for senior living residents. Whether you have one senior living community or 50 of them across the nation, The Simple Home can help make your job easier!

Who Do We Service?

Senior Living Community Operators


Interior Designers & Architects Specializing in Senior Living


What Do We Do?

Home decor sourcing.

Find you are using the same 15 items for every kitchen space? Or want to make sure all of your communities are provided with the same front door wreath? We can procure the items you are looking for and send to your communities whenever you need them.


Common Areas

Create packages for areas like fireplaces, private dining tables, and restrooms so that spaces used by residents and family members have a consistent look across your company.


Model Apartments

It may not seem like it, but a welcoming model apartment is made up of a long list of accessories. From basic items to finishing touches, we can provide it all to help make your model shine.


Memory Care Activities

Life skill/memory stations are one of our favorite things to create! Let us know what items you like to provide for your residents per station, and we can procure for you.